33 Health, Happiness and Harmony

20 maart 2020

In de inleiding van ‘Stille Slopers’ schreef ik over het boek van stamcelbioloog Bruce H. Lipton PhD: ‘The Biology of Belief’. Ondertitel: ‘Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles’. ‘Nieuwe wetenschappelijke ontdekkingen omtrent de biochemie van het functioneren van de hersenen laten zien dat alle cellen van het lichaam beïnvloed worden door gedachten. Celbioloog Lipton beschrijft de exacte moleculaire routes waarlangs dit plaatsvindt.

De nieuwe wetenschap van de epigenetica heeft onze kijk op het verband tussen lichaam en geest radicaal veranderd. Dit heeft vergaande effecten op ons persoonlijk leven en op het collectief bestaan van onze soort’ [1].

Lipton schreef een brief (10 maart 2020) waaruit ik het volgende citeer: “As presented in ‘The Biology of Belief’, stress is responsible for up to 90% of illness, including heart disease, cancer and diabetes. When an individual is in stress, the release of stress hormones (e.g. cortisol) shuts down the immune system to conserve the body’s energy for running away from the perceived stressor, that proverbial ‘saber-toothed tiger’. Stress hormones are so effective at compromising the immune system, that physicians therapeutically provide recipients of organ transplants with stress hormones to prevent their immune system from rejecting the foreign implant. The conclusion is clear: the fear of the virus is more deadly than the virus itself. The media (perhaps in conjunction with the pharmaceutical industry) is compromising people’s health using the fear card. This is the result of negative thinking (the nocebo effect) which is the complete opposite of the placebo effect, manifest through positive thinking. If you make efforts to stay healthy, with good nutrition, exercise, taking vitamins and minerals, and, more importantly, avoiding stress (e.g. the ‘fear’ of the virus), even if you do get infected with the virus, you will likely only end up with a cold and/or a slight fever. If you are someone with a compromised immune system, it is supportive to surround yourself with loving family and friends, nature, and positive thoughts as well as any other nutrition, vitamins and minerals that you may already be taking for health and wellbeing. Following your intuition about what is best for you is key. The point here is that no matter who you are and what your state of health, you will only benefit from steering clear of the fear and supporting yourself in whatever way feels best to you. Please remember the truth of quantum physics, the most valid of all sciences on the planet: Consciousness is creating your life experiences. Are you being conscious of disease… or of health? Whishing you all Health, Happiness and Harmony”

Aldus Bruce Lipton. Ik sluit me er graag bij aan.

[1] https://www.brucelipton.com/about Het boek ’The Biology of Belief’ is ook in het Nederlands vertaald: https://www.bol.com/nl/p/de-biologie-van-de-overtuiging/ 9200000072250373/